We want to put high-quality research results to practical use and save patients.

Japan is home to many excellent technologies, especially in the fields of medicine and biology. However, we have seen many of these technologies being buried without ever seeing the light of day due to a lack of human resources to manage them as startups and to develop the strategies necessary to attract investors and partners. We help startups to bring great technologies to society by providing them with the experience and know-how they lack.

We want to make angel investment a part of Japanese culture.

In the U.S., angel investors provide the necessary funds to conduct the initial validation experiments in the early stages of research for practical application of research results, and to prepare the data necessary to obtain large investments from venture capitalists. In Japan, on the other hand, despite the presence of wealthy individuals with ample assets, the culture of angel investment has not taken root, and we are keenly aware of the current situation where R&D startups are stuck. We want to spread angel investing as a culture in Japan by starting grassroots angel investing in Japan and leading startups to success.